BRAND-HATCH GT3-Challangers 2019/20 (Announcement)

This is the penultimate round of struggle in our league in the GT3-Challangers series on the Rfactor 2 platform, this time our drivers do not move to another continent and do not even change the country because they stay in the United Kingdom but change the track on which they will compete from the legendary Silverstone to Brand-Hatch, which also has traditions in F1, like its more famous brother. What can you say about this object except that it is quite short because its length is only 3703 km, so this track is located in the city of Fawkham in Kent County a short distance to the capital of the UK or London because this distance is only 35 km so you can say “stone’s throw”. This track, as I mentioned, was the organizer of the Formula 1 GP and it took place in 1964-1986 and it was a period where he alternately exchanged the organization with Silverstone. This object is a very fast track and only turn number 2 is very slow because it is covered in 1st or 2nd gear which makes it quite dangerous because 2 drivers Jo Siffert and Henry Surtees were killed here.

Here’s the track map:


Let’s focus on what can happen at this facility and who is the favorite here for the final triumph ?. I managed to look a bit at training times and I say it gets really interesting because several drivers have similar times to each other but as usual with a large margin of error I will assess the chances of individual players. With the first time quite unexpectedly reports to us @Philippe B Antunes who dialed the time 1.22.698 and by nearly 0.2 s overtakes 2 in this table returning after absenteeism in the last race @ Michał Kamasiewicz (Kami) and the podium for now closes us @Ghost! which loses up to two places not much, because one tenth. Of all three, I give @ Michał Kamasiewicz (Kami) a very good result this weekend, moreover, I deserve this player to win at least one GT3 this season because he stormed into our league and immediately began to present our Alien level as @Tomasz Wach or @Splott. I also do not cross out @Ghost! who if he plays everything the way he played in F1 should count in the fight for winning. I am very excited about the leader form in the time table in the person @Philippe B Antunes. Has this driver finally understood his car? As the saying goes “better late than never” and I really hope that it unlocked its potential because the driver is very big. Another driver who has to show what he can do is @Crus who has 4 times in training with time on level 3 @Ghost !. Why he writes that this driver “must” and well because it is the legend of our portal which has repeatedly won PP and won races and has recently changed into a bit like his time Alonso who was considered the best F1 driver of the new era but somehow he could not translate it into track success. In addition to these drivers, of course, the favorites are @Tomasz Wach and @Splott, who of the well-informed SOURCES informed his team Aston Martin internally that he understood what he does not do well and why his results in this series look especially in qualifying sessions. Rather, I doubt that @Larus will show something in this series because whenever he calls him in a group of favorites, he seems to hurt me and wanders somewhere where his place is not at all :(. Maybe this time I’ll use a different tactic and say that @Larus it is just thin like “Bat’s piss” that my grandmother on a bike rides faster than he does on his Porsche on GT3 tracks. I am counting on the good attitude of drivers such as @ Rafał Głosiński who kind of gets up from episode to episode and maybe who knows will do another a prank and will reach P1 and also @Zbychovski which is a bit lacking in the rate lately I do not know what caused this or such a busy schedule or maybe frustration because as you know recently this driver ended his competition prematurely due to some minor clashes with other competitors. that the unlucky limit this player has already exhausted and from now it will only be better and I wish some podium for protection. it was a question of drivers who should count in the fight for top positions and let’s focus on those who can fight for further points to the general classification and so it should be @Anatoliy who at Silverstone in Race2 even drove to the podium but bad luck in the last meters deprived him this fantastic result. Another in this group should be @Angel Sancho who has flashes like at Sebring where he was able to check-in on the podium twice but also has quite sluggish races where the tail stakes and makes mass mistakes simple. You can’t forget about our “good donor” in the person of @ColinaMcDixon who likes touring cars and can drive at a high level like in the Brazilian GP in 2018 where until such a mistake even such a professional as @Splott was not able to keep up with him. Perhaps the situation will happen again because Brands-Hatch is very similar to Sao Paulo in terms of its simplicity. Cool situations on the track can be used by @cichy who, despite the fact that he does not have the skills like many in our league but the will to fight and clean ride, he can deliver the next points in his characteristic Blue-Black McLaren is also counting on another successful weekend in his performance. I keep my fingers crossed for such drivers as @Decimo or @ Maz7er to fight for points, but I realize that these riders are already riding the maximum they can and practically have to race every other driver’s back, often being duplicated, but I hope that they will come for them these better days. He appeals to @Vangree to finally leave his underground kingdom and check us in this car this weekend because we miss him so much.

To the race this weekend, February 23, 2020, invite @blaze and our chief commentator @Nad who can do it like hardly anyone in our league, of course, outside the guru above the guru @ Maz7er.

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