Brands-Hatch GT3-Challangers 2019/20 (Summary)

Behind us the penultimate round of competition in the GT3-Challangers series in our league on the RF2 platform, this time our drivers competed at Brands-Hatch in Kent, United Kingdom. Before our great drivers entered the main day of the evening, the time came for Q sessions in a rather unusual situation in which the final winner of this part of the competition won them by beating only 1 measuring lap because on the next away lap he makes a mistake by which he falls over the track and hits the band and his BMW was not able to safely reach their mechanics are talking about @ Michał Kamasiewicz (Kami). The winner of PP as the only one in the rate was able to turn the time below 1.22 on that day and it was exactly 1.21.996 and nearly 0.1 s overtook 2 drivers @Ghost! who, like the rest of the rate, was not able to take advantage of the error @ Michał Kamasiewicz (Kami). The podium in session Q supplemented the hero of the entire weekend in the person of @Hermann Stocchi who loses by @ 0.007 s with @Ghost! but about it in a moment. Quite unexpectedly just behind the podium was @Anatoliy who was able to leave behind his back the champion of this series @ Tomasz Wach who as if he was not very prepared for this round or at least it looked like though @Nad speculated that simply @Tomasz Wach does not know this track so well, that’s why the attitude is so weak. Near this 5th there was a new driver in our league Brazilian @Joao Regatieri who can be satisfied as for the debut because he was short on the podium because less than 0.2 s and @Jesoo_Crestoo which on the podium he lost 0.3 s. @Phillipe B Antunes and @Larus, who once again disappointed me because I am a fan of his great talent and the top ten was closed by new @unapulitan who lost a little over PP 1 p. A little weaker result after quite good recent weekends was recorded by @ Rafał Głosiński who did this zem came far because on the 11th position and quite unexpectedly behind him on the 12th place ended the struggle returning after a long absence from the competition @Vangree who put down drivers such as @cichy, @ yano, @SikOor or @Angel Sancho. this time he managed to dial @Decimo which, however, has once again his typical Q sessions namely the last row at the start and here a slight surprise @Splott who has set himself in the last field but probably as usual technical problems prevented him from taking the glove with others.

Race 1:

Fortunately, the start to the race went without any collisions, but there were several reshuffles in the driver’s driver @ Michał Kamasiewicz (Kami) had a slight false start and was beaten by @Ghost on the first meters! and @Hermann Stocchi and @ Tomasz Wach. This is not the first situation when a driver starting from the first field is not able to withstand the pressure of drivers behind him and falls in the classification so it was even in race 2 at Silverstone with @ Crus. Among the drivers competing in in the middle the most at the start was @ Rafał Głosiński who was promoted from 11th to 5th place and also @cichy who was promoted from 13th to 8th. At the end of the rate the first lap was shown by @Angel Sancho who started from 16th place was promoted to 9th and a bit worse than him but equally impressive 1 lap defeated @Splott and ColinMcDixon who advanced by 4 positions. There and where the winners were 1 lap were and also losers and the largest of them was @Larus who by factors not dependent on him had to end the struggle prematurely and @Jesoo_Crestoo who in the fight with others on the track fell 9 places from a good 7 positions to a distant 16 and also @Anatoliy who will lose 10 places. Tempo 1 lap, apart from the above mentioned competitors, did not keep @yano, but it was not a painful drop, because only 3 places and the mentioned at the beginning @ Michał Kamasiewicz (kami) also 3 positions. After the first minutes we watched some interesting fights between competitors and they fought each other @Splott with @Anatoliy and @SikOor and @Hermann Stocchi who got to the butt @ Tomek Wacha unfortunately the driver @SikOor did not go all out in the fight with @Anatoliy who lightly hits him on T1 which is @SikOora the end of dreams about a good result and moments later, unfortunately, I withdraw from the competition. For a long time R1 the producer focused on fighting for the 2nd place where @Hermann Stocchi was lurking on @Tomek Wacha and right behind their backs he was waiting for some error and recovering what lost at the start @ Michał Kamsiewicz (Kami) with snippets an fight for 10 places between @Splott and @Anatoliy where it was equally exciting. Another victim of this @Jesoo_Crestoo fell on a technically difficult object, which didn’t last even to 1/3 of the competition, I will say immediately that it was not the last unlucky person on this day. At 21 minutes before the end a nightmare mistake in one of the turns is made by the leader @Ghost! and falls to 11th place and I take the lead @Tomasz Wach who couldn’t feel comfortable because the shadow on his back remained @Hermann Stocchi and @ Michał Kamasiewicz (kami) and it was this 1 who quickly dealt with the leader and he now he led the stake and in his footsteps followed a moment later @ Michał Kamasiewicz (Kami) and so @Tomasz Wach lost two places in a few turns, which did not happen often in this series.In the meantime, the stake after error on one of the turns has depleted us @ Vangree who hits the gang and backs out but is forgiven because this driver had a long break with these cars for personal reasons. After all this situation the developer focused on the battles between @Cichym and @Splott and @Joao Regatieri and @Angel Sancho where drivers fought 2 wide with switching to the front of the field where @ Rafał Głosiński attacked the podium occupied by @Tomek Wacha.Nowy @Joao Regatiri he dealt with @Angel Sancho quite quickly and quickly found himself on @Splott’s back which he beat in the 3rd turn and was promoted just behind @Cichy but he did not enjoy this maneuver for a long time because a moment later he makes a mistake in a fast corner and blows his back in the band, however, he goes further but falls after the 10th point. At the halfway point of the competition, a beautiful maneuver on T1 shows off @Unapulitan who plays @Pjillipe B Antunes, however, this one tried to bite him off in T2 and T3, however @Unapulitan repels these attacks and is promoted to very good 5 place for the debut. As before the producer and then focused on the fight between @Cichy and @Splott where this 1 did not give the old fox and kept it behind him even though @Splott had a better pace but as they say there is no such a wall that couldn’t be torn down and eventually @cichy capitulated on the 4th corner. @Angel Sancho kt ry, however, trying to attack him makes a mistake in one of the fast corners but unfortunately he goes further with a better result than the 9th place may already forget. 5 minutes before the end of the race chasing @Phillipe B Antunesa the rider @Splott makes a mistake on T1 but I think his racing Skill is saving him before hitting the band and eventually this incident ended for him losing his position again for @cichy who pushes him to the end of the competition and after a beautiful battle 2 wide for several laps I manage to get him again before @cichie literally on the last corners before the finish. Race 1 finally wins deservedly @Hermann Stocchi who pushed to the end @ Michał Kamasiewicz (kami) but as he mentioned in interviews after the competition he was not able to win with him because as soon as he approached the minimum distance to the leader his BMW lost a lot of pressure on fast cornering and the podium is completed by @Tomasz Wach.From a very good side, after a meager Q session, we were shown by @ Rafał Głosiński who was right behind the podium ahead of the new @Unapulitan (also a good attitude as an debut) and also 6 at the finish line @ Anthill who after a few fights at the beginning of the race, however, rode the rest of the competition lonely race. Only / or as much as 7th place was won by @Splott which on one hand is one of the faster players in this league but it must be remembered that he entered the competition from the last field and for a larger part rivalry bravely repelled his attacks @cichy who probably has a slight hunger for that it was not possible to stop the old buckler but he will probably finish the race in the plus because he got more points to the general classification. The last scored places were @yano who scores first in this series and also @Decimo who despite losing 3 laps takes 10 positions because going ahead of him @ Angel Sancho makes a mistake on the final lap, which made him not reach the finish line. Other drivers were also unlucky and joined @Angela Sancho and they did not manage to get to the finish line: @Joao Regatieri, @ColinMcDixon, @Anatoliy, @Ghost ! , @Vangree, @Jesoo_Creesto, @SikoOr and unlucky from the first lap @Larus can also be said that he took this track quite a lot of harvest but as it turned out later it was not a one-time accident.

Race 2:

As from the beginning of the season, the drivers from the first 10 places started in the reverse order to compete in race 2 and this time the PP fell to @Angel Sancho, followed by @cichy and the podium was completed by @Splott who for the first time this season for Race 2 starts from the box. The next positions were attended by @Phillipe B Antunes, @unapulitan, @ Rafał Głosiński and the leaders from the previous race in the person of @Tomek Wach, @ Michał Kamasiewicz (Kami) and the winner of Race 1 @Hermann Stocchi who this time he did not place on 10th field and on 9 because @yano withdrew from further competition after 1 race. Other drivers lined up at the starting fields in the order in which they finished the first race and @Decimo led them and the rate was closed by us @Lorenz which the first stage of this weekend did not go so was automatically moved to the very end. Start to Race 2 between @Angel Sancho, @ Cichy, @Splott won @cichy who beat @Angel Sancho and @Splotta who, however, had a very good starting reaction, unfortunately trying to squeeze between @Cichego and @Angel Sancho was blocked by them a bit. After the first 3, a lot was happening on the first meters @Joao Regatieri had some adventure with another driver, and @Hermann Stocchi, @Tomasz Wach and @ColinMcDixon had great start procedures, who were promoted by 5, 2 and 3 places respectively. Unfortunately, this time the runners were worse @ Rafał Głosiński, @ Michał Kamasiewicz (Kami) and @Phillipe B Antunes who lost 4, 7 and 8 deposits respectively. Traditionally, as usual, on p The first lap came to the pit @Tomasz Wach and was followed by @Hermann Stocchi, @Larus, @ Michał Kamasiewicz (kami), @Jesoo_Creesto and @Angel Sancho so @Splott was promoted to 2 places and started chasing the leader of @Cichy ana podium @unapulitan After this situation, the implementer focused on fighting for the podium between @Unapulitan and the @Joao Regatieri attacking him with breaks for the fight between 2 admins of our league @ColinMcDixon and @ Rafał Głosiński. The fighters for the podium @Unapulitan and @Joao Regatieri reached the podium quite quickly 2 @Splotta and this first beautiful maneuver in T1 overtakes old Lisa but @Splott tries to play him and for a few turns we watch a nice fight 2 wide between them.In this maneuver @Unapulitan did not stop because he took the leader of @Cichy and T2 without any major problems will be promoted to 1st place. A moment later, @Angel Sancho had a huge problem with keeping his car in 2 turns o came out of it without any serious damage because he decided to continue driving and also followed in his footsteps @ColinMcDixon whose car was cast in the T1, however, the racing Skill and the cool head of this driver worked perfectly because the beautiful counter this player rescued. @cichy I am overtaken by @Splott and @Joao Regatieri and falls behind the podium to 4th place but has a safe advantage at the moment because 10 s over the next player. The developer did not think for a long time and once again switches the camera on us to fighters this time probably for the 2nd best drivers in our league at the moment, namely @Tomka Wacha and frantically attacking him @Hermann Stocchi who on this track probably felt like “fish in water” because a beautiful maneuver on one of the fast corners is played by the master of this league @Tomka Wacha and it’s a pity that @Hermann Stocchi joined us so late because he would be able to with a bit of luck to put him in the fight for the title. Then we watched Michał Kamasiewicz (Kami), raging on the track, who like Robert Kubica in Singapore successively overtook subsequent drivers and tried to make up for lost time after his stop at the mechanics. Somehow not his day @Splott makes a big mistake on one of the corners and I’m overtaken by @Joao Regatieri and @Cichy and falls in the 3rd place in the classification and practically to zero reducing my chances of taking the podium here because as you have to remember, he was still required to visit his mechanics. Then the attention of the cameras focused on the fight again with 2 admins of our league @ColinMcDixon and @Larus where the 2 could not beat the first one but thanks to the @ColinaMcDixon error at the exit of 3rd turn he finally succeeds. The next driver who has problems on this the track is @Phillipe B Antunes which chasing @Vangree hits him lightly on the right back on one of the corners which makes him throw his car and ends up on the band but I decide to go on but that was not the end of his problems because a moment later He started a light collision with involving 3 drivers in one corner, trying to attack @Vangree once again, lightly hits him again, which means that @Vangree loses control of his car and hits @ Rafał Głosiński who is in front of him who probably felt very injured in this situation.Portugalian @Phillipe B Antunes did not spoil other drivers in race 2 but he was not spoiled himself for a while after the incidents involving @Vangree and @ Rafał Głosiński, he was injured himself by @Splott who after a slight exit in one of the corners dangerously returns to the track, which slightly throws his car and hits the Portuguese who ends up in the band. After this incident little happened and finally race 2 wins for the second time @Hermann Stocchi who was the hero of this weekend and the finish line passed right behind him @Tomasz Wach and the podium was completed by @ Michał Kamasiewicz (kami) followed by 4 @Larus, 5 @ Rafał Głosiński, 6 surprise @Vangree (big congratulations), 7 @Lorenz, 8 @Angel Sancho, 9 @Decimo and 10 @ ColinMcDixon completed the scoring places. Again, as in Race 1, a fair number of drivers did not reach the finish line, as many as 6 and they were @Splott, @Phillipe B Antunes , @Joao Regatieri, @ cichy, @Unapolitan and @Jesoo_Creesto and we wish them more luck on the last round of this series to be held in Germany at the Hockenhe track im Ring.

Again, thank you to @Nad for the professional comment and nice 2 hours spent and we look forward to his presence at the last stage of this series this weekend.

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