Dubai Autodrome GT3-Challangers 2019/20 (Summary)

Another racing weekend in the GT3-Challangers series in our league is behind us! This time our great Drivers competed in the Middle East and more specifically in the United Arab Emirates at the Dubai Autodrome in one of the major cities of this Emirate Dubai. The first was the qualifying session in which there were no major surprises and the drivers who showed good training also in the qualifications took high starting positions. A small surprise for our drivers could be the time of qualifying session which took place in the setting sun which could have slightly make it difficult to overcome a clean lap to more drivers as seen in times. The first starting field fell prey to Tomasz Wach who with time 1.54.559s abandoned the competition by close to 0.5s but it was not his best time achieved at this facility because the driver in training this one reached a low 1.54 and it seemed that breaking this border in Q is only a matter of time but it did not happen and it was probably due to the time in which this session was taking place. Just behind his back with a throw on the tape you can say 2nd place on the grid @ Michał Kamasiewicz (Kami) which over time 1.55.020 overtook returning after a long absence (hopefully for a longer time) to the driver @Dimitri Buksha (time 1.55.324). On the good side in Q also showed a great absentee this season in the person of @ Paweł Hałka who with a small loss to the podium he took the 4th place disliked by everyone and right behind him there was a revelation with Sebring Spaniard @Angel Sancho. The big profession in my opinion was another average time trial by @Larus who took 6 positions because he is a driver who has races in his blood and more the race oven ate bread. Also new in our league @Phillipe B Antunes can be happy with a place in Q for the first wipe in our league among such great drivers from every corner of the world because he won 7th place and overtook such veterans as @ Rafał Głosiński, @ Maz7er or @ColinMcDixon. In addition to the aforementioned @Phillipe B, Antunes joined our league a few more drivers and they are @Kurosawa, @Filippo Caneo, @Matteo Bolco, @Ilcava, @Faze Quids and @Hermann Stocchi who, however, did not go in Q and we are looking forward to fruitful adventure with us. For unknown reasons, several great players like @Ghost did not appear on this GP! , @Splott, @Crus, @ Bioetanol3, @Zbychovsky I hope that at the next GP these riders will appear and the opportunity to do so ahead because the drivers move to the Mecca of Motorsport, namely Silverstone, which is a track that probably everyone knows as their own pocket and likes .

Race 1 :

Start to the race went quite calmly and the most gained @ Paweł Hałka who broke from 4th place just behind the back of the leader @ Tomasz Wach and new in our league @Kurosawa and @Matteo Bolco who gained respectively 6 and 5 positions and worse started @Larus and @Phillipe B Antunes who lost 9th position respectively. During the first minutes we watched a nice fight between @ Paweł Hałka and @Dimitrim Buksha who at all costs wanted to break into 2 positions which he managed about 3 minutes when on the start straight on the internal attack vice-leader there was a slight contact between these drivers through which @Dimitri Buksha had to save himself off the track but @ Paweł Hałka gave him the position because he probably would have got a penalty because @Dimitri Buksha during this maneuver was clearly ahead and it was our countryman was the initiator of this event. Just behind their backs they fiercely fought for 4 positions @ Michał Kamasiewicz (Kami) and @Angel Sancho and he tried to use all this @ Rafał Głosiński eventually however @ Michał Kamasiewicz (Kami) defended his position and @ Rafał Głosiński did not manage to beat @Angela Sancho. In the middle of the stakes it was not less interesting to fight with each other @ Deni80s and the new @Kurosawa as well as our great F1 commentator @ Maz7er along with @ Cichy. In the 7th minute of the race @ Rafał Głosiński attempted to overtake at @ Angel Sancho unfortunately shot to brake turn no. 10 so that this maneuver failed and literally a few seconds later the new driver @Phillipe B Antunes with a beautiful maneuver on the inside beat @Decimo. After these maneuvers, the transmission engineer switched the cameras to the fight for 2 positions where @ Michał Kamasiewicz (Kami) like a furious bull tried to catch a cool race riding on that day @ Paweł Hałka, finally he managed to braking to the 10th corner and advanced to 2 positions because at the same time @Dimitri Buksha I decide to descend to a pit-stop to replace my tires which is very strange because at the time of the descent he had already on the fork leading from the beginning @ Tomek Wacha although it is possible that this driver made some mistake in one of the corners and this stop was forced. About 12 minutes of the race we watched a nice maneuver @Angela Sancho on @Pawle Hałce at the last turn, but moments later @ Paweł Hałka revenges him for braking to the 1st turn and regains a makeshift podium and all this was watched by @ Rafał Głosiński who was probably waiting for some error one of these players, however, this time did not wait and remained in the 5th place. In the meantime @Dimitri Buksha could not deal with the new @ Kurosawa who defended himself like Japan in a long battle with the mighty United States of America during World War II. Moments later the implementer presented to us the fight that had been fought since the start between @ Maz7er and @Cichy in which the 2 tried to overtake on T1 but @ Maz7er defended itself against this attack by ramming several signs set on the edge of the track and the driver @Duritri Buksha charging at @Kurosawe makes a mistake on one of the turns and turns in his Porsche and losing positions for @ Deni80s. As in earlier races, tradition had to happen here at Dubai, namely @Decimo to the delight of hundreds of tifosi watching our broadcasts strikingly hits the band and it is difficult for me to say unequivocally whether it was a deliberate operation as I mentioned under the fans or another mistake but less of the important thing is that Italian fans gathered in such crowds had their pet on screen for at least a second :). Just like @Dimitri Buksha, so also @ Deni80s had trouble with the well-equipped @ Kurosawa who rode as inspired and how the lion defended this 6th position although @ deni80s overtook him for a moment, but @Kurosawa regained his position with an aggressive but clean ride and in parallel to this fight after a mistake on the last corner @Angela Sancho had his chances of promotion to 4th position @ Rafał Głosiński who could not beat Spaniard on T1 probably due to the fact that the Spaniard had a much better V-max which was visible on the straight line rtowa when @ Rafał Głosiński riding in the wind tunnel was not even able to match him on the T1. Another chance for @ Rafał Głosiński came moments later, because on the 2nd straight on this track to brake to T10, however, there was a slight contact between them on which both did not suffer too much and both maintained their positions as they were before this incident. The third and the last successful attack this time @ Rafał Głosiński carried out 1 minute before the end of the competition again on the T10, this time after the outside he kept the racing line nicely and threw himself into the frantic pursuit of the podium. So great fighting with @ Rafał Głosiński on this day @Angel Sancho probably gets I still have to go through Pit-lane for track limits, which makes me lose 5 great positions and drops to 10. Eventually, Race 1 wins without any trouble @Tomasz Wach ahead of also calmly riding in the 2nd position @ Michał Kamasiewicz (Kami) and the podium, however, was maintained by @ Paweł Hałka who did not give @ Rafał Głosiński who finished the competition in the 4th place so disliked by all. Big surprise was done by @Kurosawa who finally defended 5th place before @Dimitrim Buksha and @ Deni80s respectively positions 6 and 7 and just behind the three rivals in 8th place he finished @Phillipe B Antunes who can also be happy because the greater part of the competition went in the top 10 and even under its very end, but at a good pace, won the first points in the season for Portugal. The top ten was completed by @Cichy, who for a large part of Race 1 fought @ Maz7er and the unlucky @ Angel Sancho, who probably got a penalty for exceeding the track limits, although I don’t rule out a tactical maneuver to in Race 2 start with PP. In subsequent places the competitions respectively finished the new @Ilcava, @Larus (quite sluggish race for him), @ColinMcDixon, and more new drivers @Matteo Bolco and @Filippo Caneo (who initially rode on probably a great 6 or 7 positions) and closed the competitions us already famous @Decimo. As the only one, our great commentator and driver @ Maz7er did not reach the finish line, we do not know what it was caused because the cameras did not manage to capture it and we keep our fingers crossed for this player in future races so that he would be a bit more lucky. @ Paweł Hałka and @Kurosawa.

Race 2:

During the 2nd race three new drivers joined the rivalry in the persons @Lorenz, @Jesso Creesto and @Hermann Stocchi and the latter was the hero of race 2 but about it in a moment. This time with PP started @Angel Sancho (who in a quite controversial situation riding in race 1 in the 5th place he decided to pit and fall to 10th which at that moment gave him PP in Race 2) the second place was set to @Cichy and the podium was completed by @Phillipe B Antunes and the leaders of the previous race in the people @ Tomek Wacha , @ Michał Kamasiewicz (Kami) and @ Paweł Hałka started from 10.9 and 8 respectively. Start ahead of the stake was won by @Cichy who in previous races starting from such a high place usually lost his position and this time he started very well and beat @Angela Sancho who, however, moments later he pays back and regains his 1st place. Just behind them, @Dimitri Buksha started well who was on the podium out of 5 and started to get to the aforementioned 2nd and even better start because Man of the day of the previous race showed 4th place @ Paweł Hałka from 8th place. @ Tomasz Wach (3 positions gained) and @Larus, @ Filippo Caneo, @Decimo also started well by 4 places. In all this at the start we lost the Portuguese starting from 3 fields @Phillipe B Antunes and starting from 5 Deni80s who lost 17 and 6 positions respectively as well as 2 in race 1 @ Michał Kamasiewicz (6 positions in the back) and unfortunately our admin @ColinMcDixon ( 9 positions backwards). On the initial laps quite quickly @Dimitri Buksha managed to overtake @Cichy and was promoted to 2nd place and started chasing the leader and @cichy like this @cichy from that moment started to lose a lot compared to the rest of the drivers and fell for next positions. At some point, @ Paweł Hałka fell to further positions, we do not know what was caused, but we can assume that in the fight with another driver there was some tension or penalty for track limits and @ deni80s jumped on the podium. The new @Hermann Stocchi played great the first minutes of race 2 and it was 7th in a sensational ride from 20 places and it was not the end of this driver’s show on this day. As usual, quite often quickly visited his mechanics @Tomasz Wach or once again it was the right decision we will find out in a moment. About 8 minutes race 2 was promoted to the podium @ Rafał Głosiński who overtook @ deni80s and the first position was taken by @Dimitri Buksha who managed to cope with @Angel Sancho. Later, the producer switched us to the @Fillipe Caneo fight with @ Kurosawa where the first one in a rather impressive way (like Barichello at the Hungaroring track in 2010) tried to overtake this 2 but on braking to T1 there was a slight contact between them and @Fillipe Caneo he had to give up a bit in this situation, which, however, is not delayed, as the Polish saying says, and moments later a beautiful maneuver to wait @Filippe Caneo overtakes @Kurosawe. However, moments later @Filippe Caneo visits his mechanics in drinking and a beautiful ride to the 5th place debuts us with debutant @Hermann Stocchi and starts chasing the first 4. Like @Filippe Caneo also @Matteo Bolco wanted to overtake @Kurosawe in a similar way on the starting straight a few minutes ago this one did it but this time @Kurosawa taught by the previous maneuver closed the inner quite tightly and prevented him from such a maneuver. In the 13th minute of the race @Angel Sancho repays @Dimitri Buksha for previous overtaking and he takes the leader’s seat and moments later @Dimitri Buksha strikes back on the starting straight, however @Angel Sancho bravely defends and remains the leader. Quite fast to 4 @ Deni80s arrived @Hermann Stocchi who just a moment earlier lost to him about 5 s and as quickly and painlessly to braking to T10 dealt with him and at this moment the podium was within reach. When more and more drivers began to visit his mechanics changed tires to 3rd place @ Tomasz Wach, who was forced to visit a good decision once again with a quick pit stop 🙂 I wonder if in the next race seeing such a strategy just pays off for his an example will not follow the next drivers because so far the only ones who used such strategy in one of the races was, for example, @ Larus which such a maneuver paid off at Sepang at the beginning of the season. Traditionally, the @Decimo driver had his 5 minutes on the air, who 15 minutes before the end of the competition in a rather strange way hit @ilcave and here the request to the administration to verify this player if this maneuver was not intentional because I admit it looked like it was from my prospects and possibly admonishing this player with some admonition because by what I call it “Audience maneuvers” simply harms other drivers. Later, the producer focused on the fight for 5 positions between @Larus and @Hermann Stocchi and the fight for the podium between @Dimitri Buksha and @Cichy who was the only one of them not in his mechanics also was in a lost position but @Cichy came a while later to mechanics and the camera switched to the fight of the first mentioned 2 from which @Hermann Stocchi came out victorious. The current leader of the race @ Rafał Głosiński also decided to pit, which, however, was not his best downhill career because he lost there for more than a minute and eventually went to far 16th position and the leader from 3 s over 2 @ Dimitrim Buksha was none other than @Tomasz Wach who once again strategically beats his rivals. It is true that @Dimitri Buksha tried to chase him but he converted his strength into intentions and in the end came to a rather unusual situation namely that the driver riding a certain podium overpowered with mapping his Porsche so that he ran out of fuel literally a few meters before the finish and landed far beyond points Finally, race 2 fell prey to @Tomek Wach who overtook the hero of the race mentioned at the beginning @Hermann Stocchi and the podium was completed by @ Deni80s who did not let @Larus completely fight for this position. Fifth position after the first problems came @ Michał Kamasiewicz (Kami) and right behind him there was the starting from PP @ Angel Sancho who, however, with a calm advantage of over 40 seconds passed the finish line before the @Lorenz player (also quite successful debut). Top 10 was completed by @cichy, @Philippe B Antunes and @Jesoo Creesto, respectively 8, 9 and 10 points. The driver of the day was not able to get the previous race in the person @Kurosawa who finished the competition in 11th place and further positions went to @Matteo Bolco , @ Rafał Głosiński, @ ColinMcDixon, @Fillipo Caneo, @ Maz7er, @ilcavie and @Decimo. As the only competition they did not finish @ Paweł Hałka and unlucky from the end of the race which ran out of fuel @Dimitri Buksha, however, we hope that the limit of bad luck of these drivers has already been exhausted this season and next time it will only be better. Driver of the day by unanimous vote of votes @Hermann Stocchi also congratulations and we wish you further successful successes with us in the league

Thank you again to @Nad for the joint comment because the decision about whether this great F1 driver will be able to comment on the rivals for us was finally weighed up, but the passion that connects us or Simracing took over and once again the competition on the track was professionally commented on and see you soon Motorsport temple at Silverstone this weekend.

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