Dubai Autodrome GT3-Challangers 2019/20 (Announcement)

We are facing the 5th round of the GT3-Challangers series in our league which will take place in the Middle East and more specifically in the United Arab Emirates at the Dubai Autodrome in Dubai. This track is located in the theme park under the name Dubailand and it has been built in 2004 and its length is 5,390 m, which consists of 16 corners, most of which are very fast curves overcome at full throttle. This track is also characterized by 2 fairly long straight lines on which drivers should have the task easier to overtake. 2006 also hosts regular 24 Hour races in which the most victories since the beginning of the race here were recorded by drivers sitting in Porsche. Whether this time the drivers of this manufacturer will dominate on this track we will see soon.

Here’s the track map:

I will not delve into the tables with training times because at the time of writing this article there is not much we can say because many excellent drivers like @splott, @tomaszwach, @Larus, @Ghost! etc. could not get a specific lap time so I will try to foretell the grounds and will estimate with a large margin of error who here is the most likely to win or register on the podium. As always, favorites must be mentioned @Tomek Wach and @Splott who have won 7 of the 8 races held so far together, therefore this 2 has the best chances for PP and wins in both races. Certainly, if there is a snore for 1 win in this series, it will have @Larus, especially since the last time this player won some single race in this league was good 3 months ago during the Russian GP in F1 series and he is a player with great talent who on it can happen. Also @Ghost! probably has a great appetite to show what he can do, the more that in the recently completed F1 2019 edition he was one of the pioneers of this series where he won 2 races and was 2 in terms of PP won in the season also the speed is but there is a bit of cold blood and luck Another driver who should be considered in the context of winning is last week’s debut in our league in the person @Michał Kamasiewicz who in his debut reached the podium and for a certain period of the 1st race was able to go faster on the lap than the later winner @Tomasz Wach also level it does not stand out from the dominators of this series, therefore it should be a bit of training and should be a big threat to the rest of the stake. That would be so much in terms of possible favorites but as the late Kazimierz Górski used to say “as long as the ball in the game, everything is possible” also the other drivers cannot be underestimated headed by @Rafał Głosiński, @Paweł Hałka, @Crus and take their hope from the start because the races have to do with the fact that good driving and mistakes of others is able to report in a high position as shown in the previous round on the Sebring track where the rider @Angel Sancho with his good ride and the ruthless use of the mistakes of others won 2×3 place which is his great success considering that so far he rather finished racing in the middle of the pitch. Let’s focus now on who will fight here for the podium? Birds chirping recently to my ear 🙂 that this track is a very demanding track about which we can see countless onboards with rides on this track where drivers literally fight their machines at every corner to keep it within the track limits also provides but it does not have to happen that many drivers will get penalties for trips outside the track. To sum up they should feel here drivers who prefer this “On the Edge” driving style for grip ego podium like something else I put in the blind for the @Splott driver who on technical tracks feels like “Fish in Water” as demonstrated by his good attitude on a similar configuration track Nurburgring, if of course he avoids technical problems. Also surely to at least check in on the podium in one race is @Tomasz Wach because as probably the only one in the races held so far, he checked in each of them in the top three. As for the rest of the drivers who should count in the fight for a “Bottle of Champagne and a small gift in the form of a cup” you must indicate such drivers as @Michał Kamasiewicz, @Rafał Głosiński, @Ghost! , @Larus, @Paweł Hałka and maybe @Crus if he breaks 4 letters. Certainly also @Angel Sancho will want to show that what happened on Sebring was not just a one-time jump and unlocking the great potential and talent of this player. Rather hard the box will be here for players such as @Anatoliy, @ColinMcDixon or @Cichy but as Anita Lipnicka sang “Everything can happen”. I really hope that the rate of our participants at the next GP will expand in relation to what was recently and we will see a large grid at the start and everyone will have a great time and have fun driving here. For the next GP which will be held on February 2 at 20.30 invite two excellent commentators in the person @Blaze and our invaluable expert in meteorology @Nad


Breaking news!!!

The situation in the table with times got a bit clearer because a few drivers noted their times on the server and so the first came to us @Tomasz Wach who with mega time 1.54.037 shows the claws of the competition and at the moment is becoming the main candidate for winning PP as winning both races. Just behind his back is @Michał Kamasiewicz who, however, loses a lot because up to 1 s but behind the scenes it is said that this driver will improve a bit but as he predicts he is not able to drive at the level shown to us by the current training leader. Third place should to @Paweł Hałka who loses very little to @Michał Kamasiewicz and if he tries he can fight for a high starting position. Next, there is a big loss to the leaders @Splott but probably a lot of this driver will improve experts estimate that about 2.5 s minimum this driver should to improve, the more that every second the track becomes more and more rubberized. Unfortunately, there are still few excellent drivers in the table sometimes like @Larus, @Rafał Głosiński or even the surprise of the previous round @Angel Sancho, may these drivers reach the UAE and fight for big Finally, I invite you to the onboard of this track with @Tomek Wach who with nice he shared with us his best ride so far of this facility.

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