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Cannot make Anticheat working

When I open Simracingtools only Connection and Anticheat icons are green. Plugin status become green for a few seconds after I re-load plugin to relevant directory, but in a few second it becomes grey again.

Game is not detected, although the RF2 Launcher is open.

In the leagues list I see this message against "Waiting league response, an administrator will evaluate your request as soon as possible".

My RF2 core path: C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\Common\rFactor 2\

Now it should be ok. Check once again on the server during the training session whether the program works.
You can also visit and click on the button in the picture on the right.

It works now, thanks!

To avoid creating a new thread, I put it here. I have to work today, so unfortunatelly cannot attend the race in Monza.

Good luck!