Hockenheim GT3-Challangers 2019/20 (Announcement)

“This is the end there is nothing you are free you can go …” yes, yes, unfortunately the last round of the GT3-Challangers series in our Dix-Racing.pl league on the RF2 platform and our drivers will be hosted by the HockenheimRing track in Germany. What can you say about this facility? So this track was built in 1936 for testing Mercedes and its original length was 6.825 km but at the beginning of the 21st century it was reduced to just over 4.5 km and how hard it is to guess the cuts were responsible for Herman Tillke, who for me is such a Uwe Boll of the F1 world because what touches it spierd … I will break it;). This track has 13 turns which consists of a very fast turn 1 overcome at full throttle, one from the slowest turns on this track and in general in the entire GT3 calendar, i.e. turn 4 and a very interesting and technical section of turns in the third sector. This track also has quite a debt The straight line where drivers should have where to overtake any overtaking maneuvers, so a lot should happen.

This is the track map:


Who will be the winner this weekend and who is already thinking about the upcoming F1 and DTM seasons in our league? .When the favorites are looking at the tables with training times at the moment, the best time of one lap is the winner of previous qualifications for Brands- Hatch, i.e. @ Michał Kamasiewicz (Kami) who reached the time of 1.38.208 and is less than 0.1 s ahead of @Crusa to whom I call to appear in the grid, if I decide to shoot training times, I don’t cost much and the fun is great. The podium is complemented by @Daniela Stepkowski which was already seen on the GT3 tracks in training but never decided to go racing, I hope that this time I decide to go because it looks like he is a fairly fast driver. The next position is completed by @Zbychovsky and I look forward to his presence at this last stage GT3 season and @Ghost loses little to it! because it is barely 0.050 s and it may finally be time to interrupt his curse of the GT3 series and let his fortune smile at him so that he can win at least one race because he deserved. The next driver taken into account to achieve a good result is @Phillipe B Antunes who loses little to his predecessors drivers because just over 0.1 s and with a bit of luck is able to spin a good result here for winning there is no chance but some podium is within his reach. Apart from the above-mentioned players you can not forget about @Splott and @Tomek Wachu who have not yet recorded laps time but if they appear then they become the favorites from the vending machine to the final triumph. That would be enough in terms of favorites to win what podium I might add here @Larus but the attitude of this driver in this series rather give me no reason to put any reasons in this role, of course, I count on his win because it’s great and talent and a very nice man, but if he has not been able to get along with his Porsche so far, it is hard to suppose that he suddenly fired on the last straight, although everything can happen. Well, it’s probably the end for the favorites and now let’s focus on these who can fight for the podium and are definitely strong points to get more points for the general here, so in addition to the above-mentioned drivers in the fight for the podium, players such as @ Paweł Hałka and @Anatoliy who lose just over 1 s to the fastest @ Michał Kamasiewicz (Kami) and even if you could not fight for the podium then the next points are in their hands, legs and head above all. With a little luck, next points can fall into @cichy’s account but looking at how strong the grid is getting ready for it the last stage, every point that this player gets should please him. The same applies to our 2 ad mines in the people @ColinMcDixon and @Vangree who probably in the dark before the competition will take every place in the 10th. As 3 admin @ Rafał Głosiński did not make any time on the server and @Angel Sancho is far in the table with times with only one measuring wheel is I will not assess their chances of any result because it is not even sure whether these drivers will go here the same applies to @Hermann Stocchi who, however, usually when he was able to go and fought for win, one cannot forget that this driver won a doublet on Brands-Hatch. it’s hard for points to be such a driver as @yano or @SikOor but everything is possible and I keep my fingers crossed for them and especially for @ SikOor who often has no reason to end racing early due to his fault. The same applies to the old face in our league in the person @Admich who after a long break with driving checked in to us on the server and looking that this is his first trip to this series and the fact that most of the riders had already got to know the driving physics very well and adjusted the settings to their preferences, the fight with others will be a great success on his part. The fate of such riders as @Joao Regatieri and @unapulitan who appeared last weekend or will continue to compete with us or have a moment of free time in another league and have decided that they will visit our league and try their strength against the background of Polish drivers. These players are most welcome with us if not at this last stage of the GT3 series, we invite you to the upcoming fast-paced F1 and DTM seasons that our league will organize.

To the race today at 20.30 full of emotions and fierce competition invite you to replace @NAD and Ja @BlaZe

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