Nürburgring GT3 Challangers 19/20 (Preview)

After another 2 weeks break, our drivers return to competition in the GT3 Challangers series, this time from sunny Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and we move to cold Germany to the city of Nürburg where the Nürburgring facility is located which is part of the legendary Nordschleife loop (the so-called GreenHell). data our great driver to race on this longer loop and will come to the shorter where where the F1 series has been there for years or guests so far even the DTM series where Robert Kubica will probably take root for next year with what effect the future will show. So here it looks track map:

The track was designed by Eichler Architekturbüro from Ravenburg and its construction lasted from September 1925. until the spring of 1927. The original length of this track was over 28 km but because it became more and more dangerous for drivers it has been modified and its current length is 5,148 km which consists of 16 turns and was put into use in the mid-1980s. The Nürburgring is also known for the Rock am Ring festival, which takes place near the track.

However, let’s move on to Sunday’s competition at this facility, looking at the training times, however, little can be said about the favorites of both races because only 12 drivers registered for the league managed to record measuring laps at the moment. We hope that this is not the final system of drivers who will appear in this weekend at the grid because after such a fantastic weekend in Malaysia at the Sepang track where at the start we had as many as 24 drivers it would be a shame if there was such a decrease in attendance because as we know the appetite increases as we eat :). Well let’s try to estimate who has the best chance of achieving success on the @Splott driver should feel strongly here because I had the opportunity to talk to him many times and as he admits this track is in his top track favorite on a par with Hungaroring track which even confirms his time recorded so far where as the only one of those who have recorded times have gone below 1.56 and completed on 1.55.936 we also hope that this time this driver will avoid similar adventures as in the previous round and will compete where his place is in the Hall of Fame of our league. As for this time twisted by @Splott the leader of the classification after 4 races will react Wach? who has 2 times in the table with a loss of just over 0.5s or is it just hiding or is it a similar pace that this driver will have this Sunday and will try to win something in the race itself strategically?. Quite a lot to the leader in times loses @Larus but I can not stand it in the fight for the highest goals, which was shown in race 2 at Sepang where the driver, starting from a distant 18th position, finished him on the lowest step of the podium. At what pace will the discovery of the previous F1 season in our league at @Ghost! so far this driver has been leading with various effects this driver could drive fast but he was able to finish the race in a distant position as he could, this time we keep our fingers crossed that he will pass this driver a successful weekend. Where all the discoveries of the previous round will be in the people of the Ukrainian Representative @Dimitri Buksha and Swiss @MKing and, above all, whether these drivers will decide to continue to compete in our league because so far they will not be found in the table with time but if they appear at the start they will definitely be dangerous competitors for It is also worth to add drivers such as @Bioetanol3 who are fighting for the podium who thanks to the fact that he can drive evenly and finish races quite high enough and currently takes the 5th place in the general classification outclassing such drivers as @Ghost, @Crus, @MKing and @Zbychovsky who admittedly have problems with the start up to racing but consistently and cleanly can go the race and make up more than what he loses at the first turns and let’s not forget about the revelation of the previous round in the person @Deni80s who in one of the races recorded the highest promotion among all drivers starting from 22 fields and finishing rivalry Great 5th place! How will our Admins fall out this time in the @ColinMcDixon, @rafalgt, @Speed ​​and @Maz7er people? Will any of these drivers prank the favorites and mix up a little bit of chic at the top of the table? Let’s hope so too these drivers can drive what they proved more than once. Will this time no one stand in the way of achieving a good result of the @Roman Rybatcev driver? who riding a high 5th place in the previous race had a light adventure with @Splott due to which, as a consequence of the damage suffered at that maneuver, he turned him on one of the corners, which hit him with great impetus @Anatoliy eliminating himself and him. Coming back to the driver @Crus I hope that this player will get together the proverbial 4 letters and show who is the king of simulation here, let’s remind you that this driver is the champion of our F1 series from 2 years ago where he put away such extraordinary drivers like @Splott, @Grzesiek Łuczak or the already absent in our horn @Me_How, i.e. the potential is there, but you need the desire that this driver is a bit lacking lately. Is this time the @Cichy driver manages to tune his Audi if he starts again in any of the races from a high place we keep our fingers crossed for this driver to finally deal with the problems he is troubled after a change from F1 cars.

Let’s hope that the turnout will not be worse than two weeks ago and we will watch together a fantastic competition with many spectacular overtaking maneuvers and, above all, in the spirit of Fair Play so that everyone will finish the competition having fun with it, even if they pull their tails for the next race 12.01.2020 welcome @BlazeTypujeDDD ft @NAD

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