Nürburgring GT3-Challangers 2019/20 (Summary)

It became what I was very afraid of after such a fantastic weekend at the Sepang International Circuit track where we had a large grid and great competition between our fantastic drivers to the last meters it was time for a light cold shower (hopefully it’s just a temporary drizzle) which we witnessed last At the Nürburgring track in this cool and rainy weather only a few arrived and there were 12 of them unknown is the fate of the other participants who made their aspirations but behind the scenes it is said that the reason for the absence of most of them was the richly sprinkled new year that these drivers gave themselves to the capital of Malaysia, namely Kuala Lumpur and the recently raging Fabian Cyclone in Europe, through which most of the drivers failed to register their cars in southwestern Germany. Let’s hope that these drivers will manage to reach the next round which will take place in the distant in the United States of America. In the absence of dominators from Sepang in the people of @Dimitri Buksha ft @Mking the lead on the Nürburgring was led by one actor with flashes of cameras and the attention of journalists and commentators focused, namely @Splott, who first crushed the competition in the Q session and with time 1.55.281 by over 0.5s ahead of the second @Tomek Wach and by nearly 1s of the third @Larus and then completed the work of destruction in both races but about this in a moment, returning to the Q session deserves the high position of the driver @Anatoliy who checked in just behind the podium ahead of, among others, @ Biotanol3 or @ Rafał Głosiński, the rest of the drivers were rather in their optimal positions they could afford this weekend. After the Q session, there was time for R1 in which as I wrote dominated one actor @Splott who practically from the start to the finish built his advantage over 2 at the finish line @ Tomek Wach and finally standing at the finish line for almost 15 seconds! which is impressive to see how similar caliber the drivers are. Just behind their back at the finish line @Larus checked in which easily reached the lowest stage of the podium because throughout the race he was pushed hard @ Rafał Głosiński and @Anatoliy, however, this player responded with heroic attacks The 5th place in the competition was finished by the driver @ bioethanol3 who can say he liked this place in our league and the 6th place was finished by the Spaniard @Angel Sancho who along with the new in our league @Bloomkvist recorded the biggest promotion in relation to the places from which they both started they gained 3 places. This time the weak side showed @ColinMcDixon which ended the competition on the penultimate place and dropped by 4 positions in relation to the place from which he started but it must be remembered that on the eve of the competition this driver returned from a mini ski vacation in the Italian Alps also had little time to fine tune Not your Porsche 911. Plus R1 can also include the driver @Cichy because this driver scored another point and valuable experience that should soon result in fruit. So in terms of R1 let’s go to the competition in R2 where again there were no strengths on @Splott who starting with 10 the field left no illusions to another driver and again checked in with a big advantage at the finish. This time with PP he started @Decimo just before @ Rafał Głosiński and the new @Bloomkvist and he won the start between these drivers keeping @ Rafał Głosiński behind and their pace did not he kept only @bloomkvist which quite quickly fell to the last positions. The capital start, as indeed, always showed off by @Larus and @Tomasz Wach who gained 5th position and this time quite conservatively although equally impressive the dominant R1 @Splott started. This time, apart from the aforementioned @bloomkvist, @Cichy and @ bioethanol3 started to get weaker, who lost 4 and 3 positions respectively to other drivers. Not long after the lead in R2 enjoyed the driver @Decimo who after some error in the 2nd sector prematurely ended the competition and at the top of the table came out @ Rafał Głosiński who for a long time defended this position against the attacking him @ Tomasz Wach and @Splott. After 10 minutes R2 on Szyapping in the 3rd sector @Splott, with a beautiful waiting maneuver he overtook @ Tomasz Wach and chased the leading @ Rafał Głosiński while @Tomasz Wach saw what was happening and decided to go down to his mechanics a moment later. @Splott did not tire too much on that day with the leader and quickly overtook him about 15 minutes R2, although you have to admit that @Rafal Głosiński raised his gloves and we watched a nice fight 2wide between these drivers for several turns.

After this maneuver at the head of the rate there was not much going on and @Splott only increased the advantage over the rest of the rate and after his drink @ Rafał Głosiński dropped for @Tomek Wacha whose earlier convention paid off again. Finally R2 fell again with @Splott who beat @Tomka Wach’a and the podium was completed by @ Rafał Głosiński, for whom this is a good result, looking at how differently he is doing in this series, just before the finish line passed @Larus, who was probably counting on a bit more and the 5th place was surprised by the Spaniard @Angel Sancho who beat above listed in the @ Anatoliy and @ bioethanol3 classification. A good place was again taken by @cichy whose account scored another point and a little less R2 went new @bloomkvist which this time did not get to the 10 points as in R1. We also hope that finally the art of racing will show @ Maz7er which recently pulls its tails because it is a mega talented driver and commentator hopefully that his talent will explode on the 4th round which will take place this weekend in the distant USA at the Sebring International Raceway. Thanks again to @ Nad for the comment for which I was just the background and we look forward to another fruitful cooperation in the transmission car in the next rounds.

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