DTM 2020 Regulations
§1. General provisions.

Joining the league means you accept the rules.
The administrators of DTM 2020 rFactor2 are rafalgt, ColinMcDixon, Larus, Vangree and Speed
The games are based on the rFactor2 game (on the latest releases of the game version) on the mode specified in the forum.
League administration reserves the right to change the regulations at any time after informing the participants of league games on the forum
Changes in the regulations come into force from the next race and do not apply retroactively. However, they must be announced no later than 24 hours before the start of the race. Otherwise they will only apply from the next Grand Prix.
In the event of situations not specified in the regulations, the final decision always belongs to the League Administration.
While driving on league servers, communication via messengers is possible, e.g. Discord. Discord server: https://discord.gg/rXMqf7s
It is recommended that you close access to your other messengers before starting the race to avoid any unexpected trouble during the race. Some programs running in the background can load your internet connection speed.

§2. Settings.

Race distance - Sprint Race (R1) -30 min, Full Race (R2) -40 min.
Acceleration of time - x1.
Tire wear - x1.
Fuel consumption - x1.
Mechanical failures - normal.
Flags - all.
Available aids: clutch.
Cameras: Cockpit Only.
Damage level - 90%
Race start time in the game 14:00. Wet races are planned for the season.
It is required to run the "download custom skins" option in the game options, which allows you to download paintings of other drivers.
The weather for the race will be taken from the racing plugin.

§3. League server.

The server for the DTM 2020 series is "Dix-Racing.pl DTM 2020" available on the server list.
The server operates 24 hours a day.

§4. License.

A person wanting to enter the season must report this fact to the Administration.
Registration for the season is done through Forum registration.
Licenses are granted automatically.
The license may be withdrawn for violation of these regulations.

§5. Grand Prix weekend.

The Grand Prix always takes place on Sunday.
Training - Sunday - 19:30 (60 minutes).
Qualifying - Sunday (race day) - 20:30 (Q 15min).
WarmUp - 20:48 (WU 5min)
Race 1 (30 min) - Sunday - after qualifying around 20:56.
WarmUp - 21:30 (WU 5 Min)
Race 2 (40 minutes) - Sunday - around 21:38.
Days and hours of individual sessions may change, as the league administration will inform on the league portal.
During qualifying sessions and the race, chatting is strictly forbidden. Only Administrators have the right to write to issue orders or give ads.
During the second race, the driver is required to make at least one exit to the service lane to replace tires on at least one axle of the vehicle.
4.1. A pit-stop that complies with the tire change rule cannot take place on the last lap of a race.

§8. Qualifications.

Participation in qualifications is not mandatory.
Drivers who do not qualify are required to leave the service lane.
Qualifications consist of one Q1 session.
Return to the garage by using the ESC key is prohibited - this key can only be pressed while being a vehicle on the service avenue. Drivers are required to drive a downhill lap. If the ESC key is pressed, the driver is not allowed to leave until the end of the qualifying session.
a. A driver who presses ESC on the track during the qualifying session and has not already left the track by the end of the qualifying session may start in the race.
b. Notifying the administrator of the admission to breaking the rules during the qualifying session in which the offense occurred, allows the driver to start in the race. This driver will be moved to the end of the stake and further participation in the qualifying session is prohibited.
Drivers have 1 tire mix (Soft) and 1 wet mix (Wet) at their disposal.
Vehicle settings lock after the qualifying session (Park Ferme).
During the qualifying session a competitor's vehicle on the track must not show signs of overheating. This situation threatens to be punished by the Administration.
It is not possible to repeat the qualifying session.

§ 9. Race.

The race distance is saved in the League System (calendar).
Participation in the race is compulsory.
a. The driver is required to justify absence before the start of the race in the appropriate section on the forum.
After going to the racing session, the driver is required to check that it has been correctly positioned on the starting fields before starting the formation lap. In the event of non-compliance, he must immediately report this fact to the Administration. After this time, the current setting is considered correct.
In the event of damage to the vehicle during the formation lap, the competitor may go to the boxes (by pressing ESC) and start from the exit line from the boxes. However, it must wait for the green light.
The race starts from the stopped start after the formation lap. In the event of losing the connection of one of the drivers ('Connection Lost') during the formation lap, the start to the race will be repeated. Another restart of the race will no longer be possible (except for a server failure).
Until Race 2, the top ten of Race 1 is reversed at the start.
In the race you can change tires. It is forbidden to refuel the vehicle during the race.
During the race, each competitor must:
a. R1 - repealed.
b. R2 - During the second race the driver is obliged to at least one tire change on at least one axle of the vehicle.
A driver is classified when he completes 90% of the entire race distance. The League System calculates 90% of the race distance down to a full lap. (Example: race distance = 46 rounds, 100% race distance = 41.4 rounds, 90% race distance according to the League System = 41 rounds)
All drivers are classified according to the number of laps completed. Competitors who have completed the same number of laps are classified in the order of crossing the finish line.

§10. Complaints.

After the race, the administration has the right to review the replay in search of incorrect driving (leaving the track, accidents) and punish such behavior without complaining by others.
A penalized driver has the right to appeal against an Administrative decision within 48 hours. In this case, the appeal will be reviewed by the FIA ​​Commission.
Everyone injured in a race has the right to lodge a complaint against another driver.
The complaint will be accepted for consideration when it is written in accordance with the template provided on the Forum's complaint section.
We submit a complaint within 48 hours after the race.
Complaints will be considered by the FIA ​​Commission. The verdict will be published on the forum.
After considering complaints and finding someone guilty, the results in the League System will be updated.
Penalties will be granted according to the verdict of the FIA ​​Commission.

§11. Penalties.

Penalties are imposed on the player during and after the game.
Penalties during the game are automatically imposed by rFactor 2 and relate mainly to "STOP and GO" or passing through the service alley. In the worst case this may be disqualification.
After the race, judges may impose the following penalties without submitting a complaint:
a. Reprimanding.
b. Canceling the lap time obtained.
c. Penalty of passing through the "Drive-Through" service alley to the next race in which the driver will participate or adding 20 s to the race in which the offense occurred.
c 1. The penalty of adding 5 seconds to the race in which the offense occurred.
d. "Stop & Go" penalty for the next race in which the driver will participate or adding 30 s to the race in which the offense occurred.
e. Addition to the final race time +1 lap loss to the leader in the offensive race.
f. Moving back any number of positions at the start to the next race in which the driver participates.
g. Penalty of starting from the end of the stake for the next race in which the driver will participate.
h. Removing a driver from the starting fields - start from the pit-lane to the next race in which the driver will take part.
i. Unclassified in a given session.
j. Suspension for one or several Grand Prix Weekends.
k. Expelled from the league.
(The administration is not obliged to evaluate ex officio.) Drivers will be required to report the incidents themselves if necessary.)
Players participating in the league games and other users are subject to appropriate behavior and culture on the portal and on the league server. Inappropriate behavior, insulting other players and similar pranks will be punished by the Administration with all firmness, with full possibilities of punishing such a person, up to a lifetime ban on the portal and exclusion from the league.

  1. b). When yellow flags are displayed on the light boards, be very careful and reduce your pace so that you are ready to avoid the danger. You cannot overtake in the sector where the yellow flag is displayed. The safe sector begins with the place of the light board displaying the green flag. You can now overtake under the green flag. (applies to tracks equipped with lighting boards)
    Blue flag: means that the driver behind us will duplicate us. In this case, the track must be replaced as soon as possible so that the duplicate driver can safely overtake. An ideal mirror maneuver is when the mirror driver records the smallest possible loss of time due to overtaking the mirror driver. Ignoring the blue flags will result in a service penalty imposed by the game.
    The responsibility for carrying out the overtaking maneuver safely and in a safe time lies primarily with the attacking driver. However, both drivers should ensure that this maneuver is carried out avoiding any collisions.
    The attack should be carried out in a predictable manner. Excessive aggression may be punishable.
    In the case of 2-Wide (side-by-side driving) both drivers must leave enough space in the corner (on the track).
    For a 2-Wide situation to occur, the attacking vehicle must be leveled with the defending vehicle. Equalization means the fulfillment of the following conditions:at least the front axle of the attacking vehicle must be at the height of the rear axle of the defending vehicle,
    this equalization must take place before the turn-in point of the defending driver.
    If no equalization has occurred, then 2-Wide will not apply.Black flag: indicates the disqualification of a rider from a given race.
    All maneuvers resulting in danger on the track and / or accidents are prohibited and will be punished according to the regulations or arrangements of the Administration.

    §14. Service alley.

    Each competitor is required to navigate the service lane with the speed limiter activated. In the event of speeding, the penalties imposed by the game apply.
    We follow the service lane according to the marked route. Continuous lines can be crossed only when turning off and leaving the service station of your own team and after passing oncoming vehicles moving along the service avenue.
    When leaving the boxes, before lighting up the green lights, you should position yourself behind the rivals who reached the line earlier (not one next to the other). Failure to comply with this provision will penalize the driver.
    Do not cross the line when leaving the service avenue. Departure to the track must take place along the specially marked path of exit from boxing (not applicable when there is no painted line on the track).
    The signaling device at the entrance and exit in the service alley regulates the traffic on it. Green light means permission to leave / enter. Exit / entry red light is forbidden and the flashing blue light warns of an approaching car coming in our direction.
    The speed allowed in the service lane regulates the speed limiter on a given track. After leaving the boxes, the driver can check how much speed limiter allows him to drive on the service lane. At the same time, there may be signs indicating the speed limit at the entrance to the boxes.

    §15. Additional systems used in fashion.

    The mod uses the DRS system built into rFactor 2 (so-called Rear Flap).
    The mod uses the DRS system, which can be activated in the Detection Point Start / Meta line. A driver who has another driver in front of him and does not follow him at a distance of no more than 3 seconds can use the system throughout the next one.
    In a racing session, the DRS system activates after driving 2 laps. Additional programs (Plugins) to help e.g. control the amount of rainfall or the amount of water on the track can be found Link

Available tools (e.g. SimHub and built-in widgets, LINK) allow, among others better estimate the moment of start of the race (reduce reaction time).
The application along with the countdown has been generally available since 2016 and uses only the functions provided by rFactor 2, while:
the possibility of anonymous reading of data about the amount of time to turn on the green light / turn off all lights has been available since 2012.
It is by no means possible to 100% reliably control its use, so please be advised that:
every driver is entitled to use and does not break the league regulations.
the case is reported to the authors of rFactor. If something changes in this matter, an appropriate statement will be issued immediately.
The league does not prohibit the use of SimHub due to two facts:
a. the countdown program does not need SimHub as a prerequisite to be able to work properly. Everyone and at any time can write a few lines of simple code and use the countdown on any tool because the "hole" lies on the rF2 side. Removing SimHub will only "cover" the problem by moving it deeper into the gray zone, which will allow the use of this "gate" less officially,
b. apart from the fact that SimHub was used to connect the countdown plugin, it does not make a great tool responsible for the "hole" of rFactor 2.