Sebring GT3 Challangers 2019/20 (Announcement)

This is the halfway point of the GT3 Challangers series in our Dix-Racing league, this time our great drivers are moving from Europe to the distant Wild West to the USA to the town of Sebring in Florida where Sebring International Raceway is located. This track is partly located at the airport, which is still active today, which initially served as a training base for the American army under the name Hendricks Fields. This facility hosts the long distance races under the name 12 hours of Sebring and also modeled on the European Le Mans 24 series race under the name American Le Mans Series. It is worth adding that the facility once hosted the most famous racing series in the world which is F1 and it took place in 1959 year where the US GP was held and its winner was New Zealander Bruce Mclaren so the same whose name was used to create one of the most famous F1 teams or Team McLaren.

This is how the track map looks like:

This track has a length of just over 6 kilometers, which consists of 17 turns, most of which are very fast bends overcome at full throttle. The facility underwent several modernizations and it was in 1983, 1987, 1991, 1996 but the owners of this track did not forget about its roots and each time they even left a scrap of a section made of Concrete slabs of a structure that still remembers World War II. Currently, about 20% of the track consists of such elements, so the track can be considered quite uneven, and as a result, when falling from under cars, they fall apart striking sparks.

Quite a tale about this track, however, let’s focus on the closest competition on it and who can shine here and who will be lost with friction. Observing the training activities, @ Womasz Wach returns to form who has the best time at the moment when this news was written and it was him becomes the main candidate for the PP. In what form this weekend will be the dominator from Nurburgrin, namely @Splott who has 2 times with a slight loss to @Tomek Wacha, it seems that this driver will again count in the fight for the first row We also have another new driver in our league in the person @ Michał Kamasiewicz who, as far as I know, belongs to the top Polish best drivers and will probably try to squeeze some blood to the favorites and I hope that a good debut of this player with us will make him regular starts and persuading friends from the world of Simracing to join the competition on the highest p It seems that after celebrating the New Year in Malaysia and rivalry in our league @Ghost are back! , @Crus, @Zbychovsky and @ Paweł Hałka and we are very happy because they are drivers who will definitely give us a lot of fun and unforgettable moments. Will any of them hit the podium? The biggest chance for this moment @ Paweł Hałka who has 3 times in training but can not be underestimated @ Crus who can drive flawlessly and quickly which he proved many times and a little less fall out against them @Ghost! & @Zbychovsky but probably these drivers have not yet said the last word. How will @ Rafał Głosiński who in the previous round gave a slight surprise by winning the podium in the 2nd race and bravely fighting in it with @Tomek Wach and @Splott, let’s hope it will be another successful weekend for him. We really hope that @Larus will check in on the track who has not made any time yet but hopefully it will change until Sunday evening and we will see him again in the fight for podiums and maybe fighting for victory on what he can do. Rather, he does not expect drivers such as @Dimitri Buksha, @Mking, @ Deni80s or @Erik Czakoi to appear on the track, of course, these drivers are welcome with us because they introduced quality to competition, which made the final triumph so damn difficult. We keep our fingers crossed for such drivers as @Cichy, @ColinMcDixon, @Decimo, @ Maz7er, @Angel Sancho to make more points reach their accounts and also to tell The meter covered on this track gave them fun even if they stand out from the leaders because it is primarily fun that counts. It also counts that the underground kingdom will finally leave the prince of darkness in the person @Vangree because we have not seen him in our ranks for a long time and this is a person who gives us color on these gray cloudy evenings.

For competitions 19.01.2020 at ~ 20.30 invite @BlaZe ft. @Nad

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