Sebring GT3-Challangers 2019/20 (Summary)

Summary: The halfway point of the winter season is behind us in our league! this time the drivers raced on the technically difficult track Sebring in the USA in Florida. The qualifying session was rather predictable and the leaders were in it who got the best times at training but what happened in the race can be called the biggest sensation from the beginning when I arrived at this portal, which is good 7 years ago, but about it in a moment. Q sessions won by @Tomasz Wach who was unmatched and with 0.5 s left 2 at the finish @Splott, you can say that he got his revenge for Nurburgring Weekend where @Splott beat him about 0.5 s in qualifying. Just behind their backs in the absence of @Larus and @Ghost! came quite unexpectedly @Anatoliy who beat the old streaks of our league like @Rafał Głosiński, @Crus or @Speed ​​and quite a distant place for the times he showed at training he took a new purchase with us in the person of @Michał Kamasiewicz but maybe it was because as the only one in the range he decided to compete in the Car You Will Have Expenses;) which, according to the opinions of many drivers, is the weakest car in the rate. The rest of the rate was placed on their optimal positions, which until now was occupied 8 namely @Angel Sancho who overtook @cichy, @Maz7er, @Colina and last in qualifying @Decimo.


Let’s move to the rivalry in R1 where there was the aforementioned mega sensation but in a moment let’s focus on the start where there were no major reshuffles compared to what was happening in previous GPs. Perfect start ala Bottas in Austria a few years ago scored @Splott who after a few turns of an interesting fight with @ Tomasz Wach took the lead in R1 and for a long time held him behind his back. Just behind them the most gained @ Michał Kamasiewicz who for a moment moved up from 6 to 4 positions but then succumbed to @ Rafał Głosiński who, however for a moment he was happy with the 4th position because moments later he made a mistake on the last corner which took a significant toll on our drivers on that day and fell by several positions the same @ Michał Kamasiewicz maintained the 4th position won at the start and chased 3 @Anatoliy. Just behind them, @Crus waited calmly for the development of events, which seemed to be too dormant, because at some point instead of making up for the losses to the lead, the drivers behind his back began to reach him quickly and at some point @Angel Sancho was right in front of him but @Crus quickly repaid him seeing what was happening. Around 10 minutes @Splott makes a colossal mistake in the previously mentioned last turn which can be said he gave the win for free to Tomek Wach who was enough to avoid any major mistakes to the finish because the advantage that the first two worked in these a few minutes above the rest of the rate was quite a lot and reached already 8 seconds. After 15 minutes of the race, for unknown reasons, @atnatoliy withdrew from the competition who was in the excellent 3rd position, although this player had a few moments earlier light contact with the driver @Crus but I don’t think so that this contact be the reason for this de cyzjii because He was minimal. It’s not been a while and the mistake on one of the graters is made by @Crus, which is overtaken by the Spaniard @Angel Sancho and @Splott. For a moment we watched a nice fight between the above-mentioned drivers who tried to check each other. This crazy pace between these drivers could not stand @Crus which was first overtaken by @ Paweł Hałke and a moment later he makes a mistake at the exit from the last corner and hits the band quite hard after which he withdraws from the competition. After this incident, we watched a nice fight between @Cichy and @ Maz7erm who were fighting round and round each other taking positions through several turns but eventually the winner of the duel was @Cichy because @ Maz7er made a slight mistake to brake to one of the turns and hit lightly in a gang but it was not quite a serious incident because this driver continued to drive. At the end of the race, once again the mistake on this day is made by @Splott (probably stared at the beautiful American girls standing on the side of the road) and crossed the 1st turn, hitting the barrier and turning several times, which causes him to lose position for @ Paweł Hałka and @Decimo who does not for the first time quite effectively lands on the band but luckily managed to continue driving. Let’s hope that this is not a play against the public because I heard that this player has a loyal crowd of fans who watch our broadcasts and the usual error of the driver or hardware. Finally R1 after a gift from @Splott was taken by @ Tomek Wach who overtook 2 @ Michał Kamasiewicz ( successful debut of this player in our league) and sensationally 3 at the finish line of the Spaniard @Angel Sancho as I mentioned earlier is the biggest surprise since I am in this league because this player in previous rounds occupied the middle of the stakes rather than such high positions in such excellent cream of players . The next positions fell to Paweł Hałka and @Splott who failed all along the line in the opinion of our commentator @ Nad, followed by quite a lot with @ Rafał Głosiński, followed by @Cichy, @ Maz7er, @ColinMcDixon and @Decimo. The aforementioned @Anatoliy, @Crus did not arrive, let’s hope that at the next GP these players will improve because we want everyone to see the flag in black and white checkerboard.


In R2, driver @Decimo started again in reverse order to occupied places in R1 with PP and the podium was completed by 2 @ColinMcDixon and 3 @ Maz7er. Once again at the start of the @Decimo race he was not able to defend himself against @ColinMcDixon and lost 1 place on his behalf and then after an error on braking to one of the turns he takes on a band pulling himself another driver in the person of @ Rafał Głosiński through which both suffered severe damage to the cars which had to be reflected at the pace for the rest of the race. In the meantime, just before this incident, once again on this day the mistake is made by @Crus, who threw it on the grass, causing a side hit on the band, breaking the rear spoiler and ending the competition prematurely. He had to upset this incident quite badly because he left the cockpit of his Audi quite quickly throwing the steering wheel and kicking with all his strength in the bands. Also prematurely hitting the competition ended the band @ Maz7er we do not know what exactly happened but you can assume that there was some contact with the other driver starting behind him in this case it could be @ Rafał Głosiński , @Cichy or @Splott. In the meantime, the chaos at the front of the field benefited the revelation R1 @Angel Sancho who broke from the 8th place on the podium and also @Anatoliy who from the gray end broke to 5th place. The debutant in our league @ Michał Kamasiewicz also started well for a moment but after some incidents with other drivers, this player had to prematurely visit his mechanics and fell again to the position from which he started. After 10 minutes of competition, the same error as @Splott in R1 on the last corner is committed by the leader @ColinMcDixon, which loses the lead in favor of the revelation of the previous of the @Angel Sancho race which in the meantime after a cool fight managed to deal with the driver @Cichy and leave the cockpit of his Porsche prematurely. For a short time in the middle of the race a small peloton chasing the leader of @Angel Sancho in the people @Cichy, @Anatoliy, @ Rafał Głosiński and @Splotta where all these drivers fit in less than 2s and this @Splott from the whole group came out victorious, rising just behind @Angela Sancho and lost the most @Cichy which was 2nd and fell to 5th place. Immediately after this fight, once again the team driver @Decimo effectively hugged after hitting one of tarek threw his Porsche up, which he did not manage to protect himself from impact. At 15 minutes before the end of the competition, drivers began to visit their mechanics on a pit stop at the same time, 4 drivers came down: @Splott, @Cichy, @Anatoliy and @Decimo and after these visits the stake shifted slightly except that the leader still remained with a big advantage @ Angel Sancho was promoted to 2nd place at this moment @ Paweł Hałka and to 3 @ Tomasz Wach who traditionally visited his mechanics right after the start just behind him were @ Rafał Głosiński, @ Michał Kamasiewicz. Starting as the only one on intermediate tires for the race @ Paweł Hałka did not delay with the pit-stop and came right after those competitors making pitches a little earlier for which place was promoted higher @Tomasz Wach who was already in a drinking position was in a comfortable situation because the current leader of this race @Angel Sancho was waiting for a visit to mechanics who must have changed at least one more axis in his McLaren. When @Angel Sancho decided to pit-stop @Tomasz Wach became the new leader and controlled the run of R2 until the end and won the race with a significant advantage leaving the rest of the stake. Just behind him crossed the finish line with quite a loss @Splott and completed the podium after the fight for this place with @Anatoliy Spaniard @Angel Sancho and behind them came @ Paweł Hałka, @Cichy, @ Michał Kamasiewicz, @ Rafał Głosiński . Apart from @Crus, @ Maz7era was not completed by the aforementioned @ColinMcDixon who withdrew immediately after the last corner error and @Decimo who had several close encounters with the band and his Porsche refused at some point.

Thanks again to our commentator @ Nad for a nice 2 hours and we look forward to his presence with me in the next round which will take place at the beginning of February at the Dubai Autodrome track located in the United Arab Emirates.

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