Sepang GT3 Challangers 2019/2020

Behind us, the 2nd round of this year’s struggle in our GT3 series on the Rfactor 2 platform which took place at the beautiful SEPANG INTERNATIONAL CIRCUIT facility near Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia! Oh, it happened! From the number of participants to the final decisions. Before the drivers started the main course of the evening, first came the dessert in the form of a Qualifying Session in which there were rather no surprises, those who were supposed to do it and the only big surprise must be considered high 2 place on the grid added to the list of participants in this series of rockets from Ukraine @Dimitri Buksha who lost little to the winners of this session @Tomasz Wach and just before the 3rd place was taken with microscopic loss by the driver @Ghost!. the winning position of the 2nd race at Spa @Splott who lost to P1 up to 1s but as this driver likes to say during qualifying, points are not given out or this time let’s find out. Start to R1 ran rather calmly from 2nd place on P1 Dimitri Buksha was promoted and from 7 to 5 the @Splott driver started very well also n the new GT3 participant @Roman Ryabtcev who was promoted from 10 to 6 and lost the most at the start @Zbychovsky fell to 9 from a good 6th place. As many stakes were not greater castles, @deni80s gained most at the start and @Erik Czakoi and @ColinMcDixon lost the most @Rafał Głosinski who probably had some light adventure with one of the drivers. In the 8th minute of R1 there were the first tensions between drivers namely @Splott hit the 2nd corner @Roman Rybatcev which both suffered in this maneuver because moments later their trouble with maintenance the car on the track had @Splott and even larger @Roman Rybatcev which turned in one of the corners, which hit him with impetus with impending @Anatoliy so that @Roman Rybatcev had to prematurely finish the competition. In the meantime, from gifts that others gave him under the Christmas tree This Sunday the driver took advantage of @Denis Eshchenko who started with only from 1st 3 positions and he was promoted to a great 6th place and even better gifts were received by @deni80s who evenly promoted to 5th place starting from 22 places!. In the 21st minute R1 became what few expected here @MKing overtakes @Tomasz Wach and is promoted in the 2nd place chasing the leader! in 4th place as well as @deni80s which was 5 starting, let’s remind only from 22 fields. 3 drivers did not finish the competition but the @Roman Rybatcev did not reach @Splott (probably the consequence of an earlier incident with Roman Rybatcev) as well as @Erik Czakoi who destroyed his Audi quite seriously in one of the corners.

In R2, when the top 10 started in reverse order, it was equally interesting with many interesting solutions from P1, this time @Cichy started before @ColinMcDixon and @Denise Eshchenko. The start to R2 between these drivers was won by @ColinMcDixon, the leaders of the previous race showed up at the start, namely @Dimitri Buksha & @MKing who gained 3 positions as good as a better start, the great loser R1 @Splott showed himself from the 22nd place at 15 and also traditionally @Larus (David) from 18 to 13. Once again, his inability to start in races showed off @Zbychovsky who lost 4 positions and here a slight surprise @Tomasz Wach who, apart from losing his position to the aforementioned @Dimitri Buksha & @MKing had to acknowledge the superiority of @Rafał Głosinski (who, by the way, also started nicely). Unexpectedly quite quickly because during the 1st lap of his mechanics in Pita visited @Tomasz Wach and @Larus (David) we do not know what was caused but most likely these drivers said it would be better to leave earlier and have an empty track ahead than you chase after these theoretically weaker drivers or it paid off, we’ll find out in a moment. Quite weakly his McLaren had to set on R2 the driver @Cichy who starting with P1 easily lost his position to other drivers and at some point flew out of the 10 points. An interesting fight at the beginning of R2 the winner was R1 @Dimitri Buksha who was pushing 2 in R1 @MKing was a fight for 3 places at the moment and also 3 drivers @Angel Sancho, @Ghost! , @Zbychovsky fight for 6th place. About half of R2 came to the first big surprise @MKing does not master his Porsche in one of the corners and hits the band quite hard and then withdraws from the competition and the next surprise was the first place @deni80s which quite bravely fought off attacks sensationally on that day of @Dimitri Buksh. Ultimately, however, this heroic attitude of @deni80s was of little use, because moments later @Dimitri Buksha, however, overtakes him on the starting straight. When the leaders scored their first and last pit, it happened what nobody expected tactics from the beginning of R2, i.e. a quick exit and exchange for soft mix @Tomasz Wach paid off, this driver advanced to P1 and did not give it to the end of the race, despite quite sharp pressure on him @Dimitri Buksha. Also @Larus (David) tactics paid off because this driver finished the competition on the lowest step of the podium so he can feel satisfied looking from what distant position he started. Once again, a good race is scored by @deni80s who comes in 5th and also @Crus (6th position) which of the top R2 drivers has completed the least laps in preparation for these races. Once again, as in the 1st race, there were also losers in addition to the previously mentioned @Mking competition, @Splott (hardware problems) and @Erik Czakoi did not finish again, @Stepanov, @Maz7er, @Anatoliy also matched this group. my absence showed off @Nad who in a very professional and reliable way commented on the competition on the track and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it was not the only time this season!

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