Silverstone GT3-Challangers 2019/20 (Summary)

Behind us the next round in the GT3-Challangers series in our league on the Rfactor 2 platform, this time our drivers had the pleasure to compete in the Motorsport temple namely on the legendary British Silverstone track located on the border of Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire in the United Kingdom.

The competition began traditionally with the Q session in which again again this season dominated one driver in the person of @ Tomasz Wach who with time 1.58.212 by over 0.3 seconds unexpectedly overtook 2 on the grid @Hermann Stocchi (1.58.532) and on 3 the driver Mclarena @ Rafał Głosiński (1.58.856) was right on the podium. Just behind the podium was @Jesoo Creesto on that day who did not shine in previous GPs but as you can see Silverstone track very well matched the configuration of his Aston Martin hence such good result of this driver and behind him on the 5th place not for the first time disappointed us @Splott who can afford much more than he has presented us so far. Further deposits fell prey to @Crus and @Anatoliy returning from time to time as well as @Ghost! which was not in the previous round for technical reasons. Quite unexpectedly, it was only in the 10th place that qualification ended @Larus who got us used to being from high positions to the main competition and in addition to the above-mentioned players also had to acknowledge the superiority of @Ilcavy. Further positions went to the players @Zbychosky, @Lorenzo De Cutiis, @Phillipe B Antunes, @Angel Sancho, @ [REW] Wexo, @Cichy @SikOor, @ColinMcDixo. @yano and the last which is almost a tradition @Decimo. There were 20 drivers in the grid, which makes me extremely happy and I look forward to more in the next races.


The start to the race was won by the PP winner in the person of @Tomek Wach who calmly began to depart from the rest of the stake. Starting just behind him, @Hermann Stocchi was very late in his start reaction, which was overtaken by Rafał Głosiński in the first meters by 3 @ and trying to take his position at the first corner came between these drivers, making @Hermann Stocchi fall off the track and having to let the rest of the drivers back on track fell to a distant 15th place. Behind them there were no major reshuffles, both @Jesoo Creesto, @Splott and @Anatoliy maintained their starting positions and only behind them did @Larus overtake @Ilcave just before him and advanced by 1 place. Later in the rate there was probably some contact between @Crus and @Zbychovsky, which caused one of them to take an unplanned pit stop and 2 of them unfortunately withdrew from the competition on the first lap. The rest of the rate, besides taking advantage of these incidents with the participation of the above-mentioned players, rather maintained their starting positions and the only one worth mentioning in terms of incurring losses at the beginning is @Phillipe B Antunes which lost a lot of as many as 6 positions. While completing the 2nd lap, riding at a great position 2 @ Rafał Głosiński makes the mistake of braking to the 6th turn, which is used by riding behind him @Jesoo Creesto and he is now promoted to this great 2 positions. For a while, the 3rd position occupied by @ Rafał Głosiński tried to attack @Splott, which he half-managed on the longest straight on this track, but moments later, @ Rafał Głosiński remembers him to brake until the last corner and holds 3rd place. Then the producer focused on the fight of the above-mentioned @ Rafał Głosiński, this time in the fight for 2nd place with @Jesoo Creesto and in the meantime unlucky from the 1st corner @Hermann Stocchi successively made up the losses from the 1st lap and overtook the next drivers and was promoted to 9th place. In the 7th minute of the race, at the entrance to the Magotts corner, there was contact between @Cichy and @ColinMcDixon, but fortunately none of them suffered in this incident and they both returned to further competition. Moments after this incident, the implementer switched us to the fight for a makeshift podium between @ Rafał Głosiński and @Splott where a similar situation happened at the beginning of the competition namely @Splott overtakes @ Rafał Głosiński on corner 6 but he does not remain indebted and he pays 7 similar maneuver. From this fight between @ Rafał Głosiński vs @Splott and the @Ghost watching this! took advantage of @Anatoliy who reached @Ghost quite quickly! and began to put pressure on him. For most of the competition, the implementer focused on those drivers fighting for 2,3,4 and 5 places with light snippets on others, but there was not much going on compared to the beginning of the rate where around 15 minutes @Splott took 3 and as it turned out last in this race an attempt to attack @ Rafał Głosiński because during braking to the 16th corner there was a contact between them in which both flew off the track and lost several positions and slightly damaged their Cars. It is difficult to say who was at fault in that situation, let the judges decide and, if necessary, show the guilty person. With the passage of time, the number of drivers riding on the track slowly crumbled because, besides the unlucky one from lap @ Zbychovsky also @yano and @SikOor withdrew their cars from the competition for various reasons, hopefully this situation will not discourage them from further competition in the league and they will appear on the penultimate round. 13 minutes before the end of the race, @Hermann Stocchi, riding in 6th position, decides to go down to his mechanics, this situation is quite strange because this position was still good considering that after the incident in T1 with @ Rafał Głosiński on the 1st lap, this driver fell far at a rate of probably 15-16 place but you can not exclude the situation in which this driver got a penalty to pass through pit-lane because he had to go down. At 9 and a half minutes to the end came a rather bizarre situation namely riding on the tail @Ghost! the driver @Anatoliy makes a mistake entering the Abbey turn but it was a stupid mistake that gave him promotion because in the same turn at the same time also @Ghost! he makes a mistake there, which apart from losing his position for @Anatoliy lost his position for @ Rafał Głosiński whom we condemned after this incident with @Splott and here quite unexpectedly joined the fight for the podium and even P2 because the loss to 2 oscillated in the border 2.5 p. Six minutes before the end, @Ilcava riding in a great 5th position probably does not withstand the pressure exerted on him by a much faster @Splott and makes a mistake at the Becketts turn, which @Splott uses cold blood at the end of the straight Hangar Straight and he will advance to 5th place . The next driver after @Ilcavie who can not withstand the pressure and makes a mistake was @Angel Sancho whose car threw on this corner to the outside which is used by @Hermann Stocchi and will advance to 7th place. This is not the first driver having problems at this turn because they had their problems there before @ Rafał Głosiński or @Ghost! this turn was also very demanding for drivers. Three minutes before the end of the competition, a fatal mistake on the starting line makes a duplicate @Decimo which he turned so that his Porsche inertially began to behave and riding on the tail of another driver @Hermann Stocchi did not manage to avoid the crash so that he could forget about a good result . Repetitions of this situation, however, showed that the perpetrator of all this confusion was trying to duplicate @Decimo driver @Ilcava who nudged the back of his car at the exit so that Italy lost control of the car, however, this event would not have happened if mirrored and not fighting for anything @Decimo after just gave way to this driver with a 1 lap advantage also fault is somewhere in the middle. Nothing has changed after this crash, though @ Rafał Głosiński and @Splott have been trying to chase @Jesoo Creesto and @Anatoliy respectively, but eventually they did not succeed, and Race1 won with a big advantage because nearly 20 s @ Tomasz Wach over 2 mentioned @Jesoo Creesto (a very big surprise on his part) and the podium was completed by @ Rafał Głosiński who may feel satisfied because he had his problems in this race. Just behind the podium were @Anatoliy and @Splott which were divided by a slight advantage because below 1 s and further positions were lost with greater loss @Ilcavie, @Angel Sancho, @Larusowi @ [REW] Wexo and a ten closed us @Lorenzo De Ciutiis. General points were not scored by @Crus, @cichy, @ColinMcDixon, @Decimo, @Philippe B Antunes and 5 unlucky players who did not finish the rivalry @ Zbychovsky, @yano, @SikOora unfortunately joined @Ghost! and @Hermann Stocchi who had the mirrored incident @Deciomo.


This time with PP after reaching 10 place in Race 1 he started for the first time this season @Crus which probably pleases him because this is his first PP in this series and you do not need to say what caliber it is the driver because it is the 2018 F1 Champion . Just before @Lorenzo De Ciutiis placed on the grid and 3rd place went to @Larus who personally got me very recently but it is very disappointing because I expected that to race2 Race this driver will start from the position at the end of the top ten and not at the very beginning . Further positions fell to the driver @Angel Sancho, @Ilcava, @ Splott, @ Anatoliy, @ Rafał Głosiński, @Jesoo Creesto and traditionally from 10 starters already @ Tomasz Wach and the rest of the drivers ranked according to the positions they won in Race 1 from places 11 to 16 starting from @Cichy and ending with @Philippe B Antunes. The start to the race between the first three after a phenomenal start (although I would be tempted to theories that it is rather the drivers overslept) won @Larus on 2 fell @Crus and on 3 @Lorenzo De Ciutis. In addition to @Larus, @Splott also showed off a good start, who jumped just behind the back of the first three and pressed the podium and @Tomasz Wach who was promoted by 3 positions and all outclass Race 1 @Hermann Stocchi who out of 15 was promoted to a great 8th place the worse start and the first few turns went while @Angel Sancho and @Jesoo Creesto who lost 7 and 5 places respectively. Traditionally, already during the first lap of his mechanics visited @Tomasz Wach but this time he was not alone in this decision because he followed in the footsteps of 5 other drivers who watching this alien in previous races came to the conclusion that such tactics must pay off if @Tomasz Wach does it is notorious in every race and does not leave the box or this time it was similar we will see in a moment. Thanks to these pit-stops, @Splott was promoted to the podium and drivers such as @Cichy, @Angel Sancho or @Philippe B Antunes also made significant promotions. After a short while, the implementer switched us to the front of the field for those fighting for 1 place @Lusus with @Crus and chasing them @Splott and @ Anatoliy and it is the 3 mentioned driver with a beautiful maneuver for braking to corner 6 that overtakes @Crus who is still losing in this sequence of turns 6 and 7 podium in favor of @Anatoliy and falls to 4th place which must have hurt a bit because he started from PP. Sensing a good feeling for a high position in this race @Splott began to push sharply on the leader position in the person @Larus and he managed it in the same place where he had been swallowed a while before @Crus, i.e. he was braking to corner 6 and was promoted to 1st. Again, the whole confusion took advantage of @Antaloliy who a moment earlier benefited from the fight @Splott with @Crus also this time he squeezed under the elbow in a similar way but @Larus in a similar place as with @Crus also from today this turn will be called “Anatola Turn; p “. The first 2 quite quickly left 3 @Larus who instead of focusing on keeping pace with the leaders had to focus on defense because @Crus and @ Rafał Głosiński were already on his tail. In addition to the drivers mentioned above, @Lorenzo De Ciutiis and @Hermann Stocchi had an interesting fight for 12th place, who once and twice exchanged positions, there was also something to hang on and it was great that not only from the front there was a fight on the so-called “Knives”. After a moment of rest in the fight for the podium again the implementer switches us to this fight and there a fraction later @Crus in the “Anatol Curve” overtakes 3 @Larus and he now has the podium at this moment. Seeing the weakness of @Larus on this day @ Rafał Głosiński tried to use it and took his 4th place but on braking to the 16th corner he overchook slightly and there was a slight contact between these drivers through which @ Rafał Głosiński lost a bit seconds but managed to maintain his position. What happened moments later, probably even the oldest highlanders would not have predicted riding for another win being after visiting their mechanics and having everything in their legs and hands @Tomasz Wach does not master his Aston Martin at the exit of turn 5 and throws him on the side and raises his car on one of the inequalities and finally ends up on the band smashing the car at the moment of victory there was no question and any points for this player were at risk. As a consequence of the accident of Tomasz Wach, a great chance of winning opened up before @Splott whether he was able to use the stumble of his biggest rival in this series ?. After the incident with @Tomek Wach, the temperature on the track seemed to cool down because we did not observe any interesting duel for several minutes because the drivers focused on saving some of their tires and components before the last minutes of Race 2. It is worth noting here that @Splott came to his mechanics for his final stop and changing tires. @ Rafał G was the first to break free from this whole group, who pressed @Larus but this fight did not last too long because @Larus decides to go to Pit-lane. The last minutes were quite calm without some big fireworks, drivers such as @Crus with @ Rafał Głosiński and @Anatoliy with @Lorenzo De Ciutis tried to fight each other, however, there were no overtaking maneuvers and the race is won by @Splott who uses the stumble @ Tomasz Wach just behind the back @Splotta crosses the finish line @ Rafał Głosiński and the podium is completed by @Crus for which it is a bittersweet podium because he probably had a readiness for more starting from the first field. Just behind the podium was @Lorenzo De Ciutiis for which this is a good result and he will probably be happy just like @Ilcava who finished just behind him and @Philippe B Antunes which took 6th place. In a reverse mood after the race was probably finishing in 7th place @Anatoliy who for the most part of the race was fighting for the podium, so he can be furious with himself because he had a chance of the first podium in this series. Next positions fell on @Angel Sancho and @Cichy and 10 closed @Larus. 11 @ColinMcDixon didn’t get points this time, but also unlucky @ Tomasz Wach (for which this is the first race this season without points and the podium in general also a big surprise) and what is already the norm @Decimo. They didn’t get to the finish line @Jesoo Creesto, @ Hermann Stocchi and @ [REW] Wexo and we wish them more luck in the next round, which will be held at Brands Hatch.

Once again, thank you @Nad for the nice 2 hours spent together in a nice atmosphere and we look forward to his presence at the penultimate event this season, which will take place as I mentioned at Brands Hatch.

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