Silverstone GT3-Challangers 2019/20 (Announcement)

Ahead of us is another round of competition in the GT3-Challangers series in our league on the Rfactor 2 platform, this time our drivers move to the Mecca of Motorsport, namely the Silverstone track located in the United Kingdom. The Silverstone track is located on the border of Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire and every year since 1985 there are regular races for the British GP in Formula 1. Although the track was created much earlier because in 1947 but the previously mentioned GP alternated with such tracks as Brands-Hatch and Aintree. In 2010 the track underwent a thorough modification where the owners of this track decided to add a new section called Arena and the location of the S / M line was moved which is now on the border of Club-Abbey turns instead of the previous Woodcote-Copse. The track is 5.891 km long and it consists of 18 corners from which the Maggots-Becketts-Chapel section is famed to the trip to a straight Hangar Straight which requires a lot of concentration because it is covered at high speed with high overloads reaching 7G.

This is the track map:

Let’s try to assess the chances of individual drivers to succeed here, so looking at the results of training the driver @Ghost looks the most at the moment! which after 1.58.946 is on the 1st place and at the moment becomes the main candidate for the PP but we remember that in the previous round this driver also showed in training from the good side but ultimately did not reach the GP but this time nothing will happen to prevent him from fully showing what he can do? We are counting on it quite unexpectedly. Player 2Anatoliy has 2 times in training who loses with player @Ghost by almost 0.4 s! does this track suit him? it looks like he looked quite average in earlier times. Not much to 2 @Anatoliy loses returning after a few weeks break @Crus which with the time of 1.59.441 occupies 3rd place, I just hope that this player will start in this the race because it used to be different.Another position is taken by @ Michał Kamasiewicz (kami) who, however, already loses a lot to the leader because almost 0.7 s but it must be remembered that in the previous round this driver with a throw on the tape managed to win the 2nd place on the grid with only @ Tomasz Wach cannot be underestimated because he can surprise his competitors at any time. As usual, @Splott is probably hiding with a real pace, who has already accustomed us to the fact that in training he does not attach too much attention to his time and in Q he can fire a firecracker also if he shows up, he is the favorite number 1 next to @Tomek Wacha which however vain to look for in the table with time! May this driver put himself on the grid because he still does not have enough advantage over 2 @Splott and does not secure the final triumph in this series. I still don’t underestimate Dawid Paszkowski aka @Larus and I hope that this track will suit him and he will be tempted to win 1 in one of the races because it is one of the aliens of our league who can afford a lot. How will the revelation of the previous round be in the person of @ Paweł Hałka? Will the success he achieved in race 1 in Dubai give him confidence that he can stand up to theoretically faster competitors. Also @ Rafał Głosiński will be a strong competitor to fight for winning and he will definitely want to fight for the podium here because it is also very fast driver who can afford a lot even more because in the previous round in a reckless way in Race 2 he won 4th place after a nice fight with @Angel Sancho. Among the favorites to win here must also include @Dimitri Bukshe and the surprise race 2 in Dubai in the person @Hermann Stocchi who in that race starting from the last field broke the podium ahead of such drivers as @ Rafał Głosiński, @Larus or @ Michał Kamasiewicz ( kami) but there is one condition, namely the presence on the track because without this condition it is only a slip on paper. So much in the context of potential favorites to win, let’s suppose who can make a surprise here and fight for the podium in addition to the above-mentioned drivers. I count on the fact that their 3 cents will interrupt here even at least @ColinMcDixon which can drive the pace of the headlamp as shown in the F1 series on our portal and @Zbychovsky who like his clean race is a real nut to crack for others. I would add to this group also the driver @ deni80s who checked in high places several times this season and the Portuguese in himself @Philippe B Antunes who showed himself in his debut. Rather, the podium will not be fought by drivers such as @cichy for which winning next points will be a success, @ Maz7er who, as he admits, loses a lot to the leaders and as he admits he is not able to drive faster and @Decimo who more effectively lands on the bands than beating for points. We very much hope that players like @Kurosawa, @Matteo Bolco or @Fillipe Caneo, seeing the atmosphere there is and how fair the ride here, drivers will decide to continue their adventure with us. Looking at the table with time, you can see an old friend from the F1 series there in the person @SikoOr who appeared on the server! Did this driver decide to start at Silverstone? There are reasons for this because this driver lives and works every day in the UK and at Silverstone track is closer than to the nearest store. I am counting on a similar or even better race than last weekend where we watched a nice fight between drivers with many spectacular overtaking maneuvers and most importantly in the spirit of Fair-Play that everyone would reach the finish line.

For the next GP 09.02.2020 at 20.30 invite our expert over experts in commenting @Nad and his loyal helper Ja @Blaze

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