Spa-Francorchamps GT3 Challengers 2019/20

Behind us is the first racing weekend in the newly created GT3 Challengers series in our Dix-Racing league, which took place on December 15, 2019. at the legendary Spa-Francorchamps track in Belgium. During the first two races there were no big surprises, which were dominated by those drivers who shone in the recently completed F1 series, i.e. @ Tomasz Wach, @Splott, @Ghost! , @Larus (David) and we only ran out of our aces above aces namely @Crus & @GrzesiekLuczak. The qualifying session was won by @Tomasz Wach in a beautiful style just before the @Splott positioned at the start, the place on the podium was completed by @Ghost! Quite a big surprise was only 6th place in the @Larus (David) grid, which had to recognize the superiority of the new (old) in our league @Anatoliy, and the old road stalker @zbyChovsky, which I personally consider a surprise on +, in the attitude of this driver. At the start of the first race @Larus (David) showed a very good side, he advanced by as many as 3 positions, quite a drop was noted by @Anatoliy, who after the incident on 1 turns, fell at the end of the stake. Also @ColinMcDixon showed very good starts, which gained 4 positions starting from the end of the rate, as well as @Cichy gaining 3 places. For the first minutes of R1 cool pairs were fought with each other: @Tomasz Wach & @Splott, as well as @zbyChovsky & @Larus (David) ft @ Bioetanole3. Ultimately, R1 won @Tomasz Wach ahead of @Splott, the podium was completed by @Ghost! Unfortunately, as many as 6 drivers did not reach the finish line. In R2, when the top 10 competed in the reverse order, no emotion was missing. The fantastic start was again @Larus (David) and also @rafalgt. In the end, the race was won by an even and clean ride before @Tomasz Wach, the podium was completed by @Larus (David). That’s it for the first race weekend.

Let’s focus on the present, i.e. the Second Round, Winter Series GT3 Challengrs 2019/20 on the Sepang track in Malaysia, a track forgotten in the F1 world, which I regret because it is one of the better tracks. The track is located in a rather specific place, which gives us quite capricious weather, from hot days to downpours. How will our drivers perform on this demanding track this time? Will @Splott and @Tomasz Wach again divide and rule? Or maybe their new representative from Switzerland @Michael Koenig will share their league? who achieves good training times. @Ghost also presents a good pace! , it is interesting just behind his back, because as many as 4 drivers are located in less than 0.5s namely @Larus (David) @Speed ​​@zbyChovsky and @ Bioetanol3, also an interesting fight promises to be top positions and no one can feel confident on start. Several new drivers have joined our league besides the @Michael Koenig mentioned above, @angel sancho, @Ramon Citi (Decimo) and @Erik Czakoi made their aspirations to fight for eternal glory and flash if any of these drivers will take gloves with old hand league? We are counting on this, in the spirit of sporting struggle, because the more competitive drivers in the league, the better for the spectacle: sunglasses:. Coming back to the tables with time, you can sometimes see a few interesting drivers who appeared on the track, namely @ Paweł Mrówka @ SikoOr @Dan @Crus I hope that these drivers will overcome their weaknesses and fear of such demanding cars and finally they will appear this Sunday evening at the start 🙂 and enlarge the grid a bit to say satisfying 20 cars we count on it very much. I am also counting on the Fair fight and all drivers watching the black and white checkered flag during both races. @BlazeTypujeDDD invites you to race this Sunday.

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